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Grain Dryers

A quality grain dryer that is built to last. Mathews Company M-C continuous flow grain dryers are highly efficient, includes top-of-the-line pinnacle family of controls, powered by Dryer Master. From highly efficient vacuum-cool tower-style dryers to the new economical profile-style ECO Series dryer, we match you with the dryer that fits your operation. Innovative Electrical Solutions is proud to be a Mark of Excellence Authorized Dealer for Mathews Company products.

Types of Grain Dryers

Tower Grain Dryers

525 – 4,800 bushels/hr

Profile Grain Dryers

325 – 5,040 bushels/hr

Tower Grain Dryers

Vacuum cool technology makes this dryer highly efficient. M-C’s most popular modular stack dryer can be crane-stacked on your site in just one day! Known for highest quality-built construction, the highly efficient Midco burner is highly efficient. The centrifugal blower is so quiet, you can easily communicate on your cell phone standing right next to it as it is running. M-C Trax Remote Monitoring is also available so you can monitor your dryer from anywhere. It’s 10′ diameter takes up a small footprint in your grain set-up.

12′ diameter modular styles are also available for capacities up to 2800 bushels/hour. 18′ diameter Commercial Tower Series are built on-site for bushels up to 4800 bushels per hour.

Optional M-C Trax remote monitoring allows you to monitor your dryer from your combine, the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection!

Profile Grain Dryers

M-C’s Proile Series dryers fits easily into those installations with height restrictions. The technologically advanced design allows for increased holding capacity and maximum airflow for the highest-quality dried grain. Efficient and affordable, the profile dryer offers a great value on a quality product. Single fan, dual fan models are available and multiple stack dryers expand with your operation.

M-C’s newest profile dryer, the ECO Series. Dryer capacities start at 325 bushels per hour up to 5,040 bushels/hour.

Innovative Electrical Solutions is an authorized dealer attaining Mark of Excellence Status for Mathews Company (M-C) products. Let us find the solution that fits your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our typical service area is a 75 Mile radius from Danville, IL. But if you are outside of our radius please contact us to see if we can still service your location.

Cities Include (but not limited to):

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