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CMC Industrial Electronics

Staying current in today’s very technical world is always a challenge; technology changes daily! 

Innovative Electrical Solutions is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of what the industry has to offer. We are proud to be affiliated with CMC Industrial Electronics.

CMC Industrial Electronics

CMC Industrial Electronics manufactures industry-leading digital Hazard Monitoring Systems for industrial applications and is the leader in HazMon technology. CMC’s innovative systems are designed to protect human life and property. We can take the guesswork out of what your equipment is doing. Know at a glance what shaft speeds, bearing temperatures and grain temperatures are. Go directly to that misaligned belt.

CMC’s HazMon system meets industry standards, provides ease of installation and is intrinsically safe. We provide industry-leading digital hazard monitoring systems for a wide range of industrial materials handling applications including the Grain, Feed , Milling , Bio Fuels , and Fertilizer Industries.

CMC Sensors

CMC manufactures a range of sensors for easy integration into this network including:

● Shaft speed sensors
● Bearing temperature sensors
● Belt alignment sensors
● Plugged chute sensors
● Slack chain sensors
● Vibration sensors

CMC HMI Options

CMC also offers HMI options for either small or large plants that can be stand alone or integrated into a plant’s existing PLC-based automation system. Typically the types of machinery being monitored includes:

● Belt conveyors
● Drag conveyors
● Screw conveyors
● Bucket elevators
● Fans
● Blowers

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